Do you know what is your job potential? We will help you discover your potential and find out in what areas you excel. We will speak with you focussed on your qualities, abilities, skills and work experience. Together we define your qualities and competences in that way no to sound like an empty phrase such as: I am communicative, flexible, ... We will find and define with you the best strategy and a plan for getting your career according to your wishes.

Whom the service is:

all those who are thinking about to change their job and finally do what is going to fulfill them.

those who want their career to take a step forward.

people who want to realize their personal potential and not aiming to change their jobs.

Service price 5.500 CZK (1.5-2 hours).

This service is led by our expert with years of experience from both internal and external HR. Therefore, we know how to prepare for an interview with potential employers and staffing agencies.

We guarantee confidentiality of all information. We consider the protection of your personal data as a priority because we help create a long-term relationship based on mutual trust.

Our services will bring you: