P.Š., Marketing Director

"I have worked with People Consulting and mainly with Ilona Schmidt in her capacity of headhunter demonstrating many occasions to be a passionate professional by its true definition. Her knowledge of the clients/candidates needs, give an absolute added value to the hiring process. She is spot on right, acts with speed and focus and delivers excellent level of service. She suggests great win-win solution. It has been a real pleasure to cooperate. I am pleased to expand the best possible recommendation. "


"Hello, I just wanted to add another positive evaluation toward the agency, very friendly and good person. Compared with other agencies, a professional in the right place. Excellent communication and feedback, I highly recommend it to everyone. :-)) "


"Dear. I am not a proponent of Internet questionnaires. On the other hand, I also like to get good references. I have seen on the market to take care of me interested in personal agency, or even cared. I was looking for work several times in the course of 10 years, but to meet people from People Consulting in PRG refute my skepticism towards personal agencies - that actually only one. Absolute interested, contact telephone interviews and after feeling that to search are not alone, it is a PC I appreciate everything you did for me, the people of People Consulting!


"Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the agency for a proactive approach in finding suitable employment. The competition should take an example of the approach of this agency. I highly recommend it. "


"Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Ilona Schmidt and her team for a very professional approach, quick and friendly conduct a job search. After the experience of many other agencies can say that PeopleConsulting are people who have you in the first place. "


"Companies People Consulting with your attitude and professionalism break and managed to disprove my belief, based on experience, that you can not find a good job with a recruitment agency. I thank Mrs. Schmidt and her team for their cooperation. "


"I would like to thank Mrs. Ilona Schmidt for recruitment. Cooperation with PeopleConsulting proceeded without any problems quickly and professionally. All job seekers can heartily recommend this agency. "


"When looking for a new job, I had the opportunity to work with several recruitment agencies, but People Consulting is their real interest in finding pespektivního employment and personal approach really special."

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